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Friday, December 26, 2014

"Galactic Light" an 8" x 8" fluid acrylic on gallery wrapped paper

Galactic Light by April M Rimpo
Galactic Light
Fluid Acrylic
8" X 8" gallery wrapped paper, varnished
$160 within the United States

Contact April regarding Purchase

This painting started as an abstract I created by applying some tiny splashes a masking fluid on the paper. Once dry I sprayed the paper with water so form interesting nooks and crannies of water but leaving a some areas dry so there would be some white of the paper remaining. The next step was to apply a couple of very watered down paints using pipettes. I sprayed the paint to make it spread and tipped the paper to let it run and blend.  Once dry I removed the mask to reveal all the tiny dots of white left behind. 

My first thought was how much it reminded me of a very dark sky where you can see parts of the Milky Way. If you've ever been lucky enough to be in a dark sky area you will first be mesmerized by the sky; I find it nearly impossible to stop staring into space. But once you "come back to earth" you will notice how your surrounding glow from the incredible light coming from the unpolluted sky.

I decided to add the tall cliff with lit trees at the top to represent the glow. My goal was to increase the majesty of the sky by using the scale of the cliff to the trees to give the illusion that the cliffs were huge.

If this peeks your interest about dark skies you can read more about them at the International Dark Skies website.

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