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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Networking at Art Business Workshop

I attended an Art Business Institute workshop last month, where I learned several things that should help me promote my art, but more importantly I met a number of artists doing fascinating work.  One principle promoted in the workshop was the importance of networking.  Well I must say network was easy to do at this workshop due to the number of interesting artists working in jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and painting. 
One of the artists was Halide Salam Ph.D, Professor of Art at Radford University.  Halide creates very large format abstract paintings with wonderful patterns and textures.  Many have been done on shaped stretchers that add a fantastic depth to Halide's work.  It is always great to see what other artists are doing. Although my work is very different from Halide's I think we are of kindred spirit in our use of color and texture to add depth to our art. I am also fascinated by the shaped canvases, which is a concept I have not seen before.
Here is what Halide says of her work.
"These paintings express variations of the energy of the Sacra-movement Order that is prevalent in the natural order of created things by building on traditional sacred geometry and infusing new ideas of space, time and energy."
 I've include images of a few of her paintings here, but please take a look at more of her work at  

geometry of the sacred (large view)
Whatsover is in the Heavens Above is on the Earth Below by Halide Salam
geometry of the sacred (large view)
Remembering I by Halide Salam 

geometry of the sacred (large view)
Remembering III by Halide Salam


  1. Thanks for sharing...looks like there is no limit to the imagination!

    1. Yes, Halide's work is very imaginative. She says there is a lot of deep thinking behind her work.


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