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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sometimes it is the detail that makes the painting

A Day at the Fountain, 22" X 30",  © April M. Rimpo

A Day at the Fountain
22" X 30" image
29" X 37" brushed silver frame
$1650  SOLD

A Day at the Fountain celebrates the joy of children at play.  I composed this pieces from a series of photographs I took while visiting Charleston, SC.  A sense of motion was a critical element of this painting; motion of the water, the running children.  My goal was to catch a moment in time.  In order to get this sense of motion it was important to get the detail of the water spray.  My favorite child in this painting is the young girl in the orange and red striped swimsuit who is featured in the blowup on the right.  The young man in front was the focal point of the painting, but the nearly pointillist appearance of the girl is an important detail used to capture the moment.

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