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Friday, April 11, 2014

"Plein Air Artist" 10" X 8" acrylic

Plein Air Artist by April M Rimpo

Plein Air Artist
by April M Rimpo
10" X 8"
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

SOLD at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery 

Plein Air Artist is painted in acrylic on canvas. Plein air is a French term used for painting done outdoors.  Many of my friends enjoy painting on location.  I have ventured out on occasion, but most of my work is done in the studio where I can more easily control the water content.  Since I like having textural effects in my work, I find it difficult to accomplish these when working plein air since the amount of water is critical to many of the techniques I use. You have to learn to work differently since the sun and breezes dry the water before you know it.

I really appreciate artists who can create successful paintings en plein air. Being on site they are able to capture the light while it is happening. We studio painters tend to work a lot from memory (or invent what we wish was there) since photographs seldom capture the light as it really is.

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