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Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Harvest Time", 29" X 34" watercolor and fluid acrylic

Harvest Time, fluid acrylic and watercolor, by April M. Rimpo

When out walking near my home in Maryland I got an inspiration for this painting.  I had noticed earlier in the day that a tractor was in a neighbor’s field.  Some of the wheat had been plowed, but most was still in the field.  I decided it was a good opportunity to get some tractor pictures so I took my camera with me.  I had gotten a new zoom lens that went to 300 and thought I would try it out.  After I photographed the tractor I walked past another field where the wheat was right next to the road.  I noticed the beautiful range of gold, blue and green colors in the wheat and took some photos.  While photographing the wheat I thought it would be fun to play with overlaying the tractor on the close-up of the wheat.  This would result in an interesting texture under the tractor.  When I got home I tried it and the design for Harvest Time was born.

I painted the wheat first using fluid acrylic so the wheat pattern would not diffuse when I paint the tractor over the wheat.  The tractor was done in watercolor.  Since the wheat is primarily golden I wanted a blue and purple tractor to create a nice complement to the wheat.  The tractor I had photographed was blue and green, so I replaced the green parts of the tractor with purple.  Not a color that would be typical in a tractor but I believe combining the purple with the blue made it believable and provided an exciting contrast with the surrounding wheat.  

Below are two photographs of the work in progress.  The first shows only the acrylic painting of the close up wheat (Masking fluid still on the painting), the second shows the painting after the tractor was added and the masking fluid removed, but before I have painted on the masked areas to integrate these lighter passages.

Harvest Time WIP: Acrylic  background of close-up wheat

Harvest Time WIP: After adding watercolor tractor and
removing much of the masking fluid

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  1. This is lovely! What a clever idea to do the overlay.

    1. Thanks, Liesel. It was fun to do. It is one of my larger paintings. I tend to be a lot more experimental on those. I didn't mention it in my writeup but I did apply some Daniel Smith Watercolor medium to some areas of the painting to create some texture of wheat before I painted the acrylic. You can't see the texture in the photo, but it is in areas around the tractor.


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