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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Heading to Market", 28.75" X 13" watercolor

Heading to Market by April M. Rimpo

Heading to Market
Image: 28.75" X 13"
35" x 19" in Brush Silver Metal Frame

Heading to Market was based on a photograph taken in
Comalapa, Guatemala.  Because I was not feeling well and wanted to rest, I had stayed on the bus while everyone else went into the market.  After I started to feel better I spent some time photographing Guatemalans as the went to and returned from the market.  I was sitting in the bus taking photos through the windows trying not to be noticed since I was interested in natural gestures and body shapes in these photographs, not posed vacation photos. This photo, like many of the others I took that day, were rather out of focus and distorted because of the bus windows, which were far from clean, but I found this actually helped me be more creative in my painting. Since she was walking quickly the photograph had very soft shading and was somewhat blurry. I wanted to capture some of that blurriness since I felt it represented some of her focus on getting to the market, so I intentionally made her legs and feet a little out of focus.

To achieve a soft edged painting, I had to work very wet-into-wet to allow edges to blend into the next shape.  I spend a moderate amount of time deciding on how to place the woman in the frame of the painting to make an interesting composition. I also spent some time playing with new pigments I had received that I thought would granulate and make interesting soft textures.  As you can see I also love to incorporate drips into my watercolors when I think they will enhance the feel of the painting. I believe these broke-up the sidewalk and make the background more interesting without distracting from the woman.

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Copyright April M Rimpo, All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.

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