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Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Shipping Port", 10.25" X 24" watercolor

Shipping Port by April M Rimpo
Shipping Port
10.25" X 24" image
16" X 30" brushed silver frame


Maybe I should have named this painting "Three Cheers for the Little Tugboat" but it was the cranes in the shipping port that really attracted me to this landscape.  My husband and I were traveling across Puget Sound on a ferry when this port became visible across the water.  The large structure of the cranes and the rainbow hues of the crates stacked at the port are what  caught my eye.  I had fun using very wet and soft washes of the background hill and down into the crates at the port.  I left the soft background to provide a sense of distance, arial perspective.

I layered washes over that soft pastel area to the right of the cranes to add structure to the crates.  Although the ship was in the foreground I simplified shapes on the ship so the lines and structure of the cranes could be the stars of the painting.


  1. The detail of the painting are mind boggling to me. Beautiful work.
    I like the balance of the cranes leaving the tug boat to become a surprise

    1. Thank you, Maywyn. The tugboat was a surprise to me too when I went back and looked at the painting. Funny how my work seems to evolve without me sometimes.


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