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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Solo Exhibit: Exploring Cultures through Color at Bernice Kish Gallery - Update

My solo exhibit at the Bernice Kish Gallery at Slayton House in Columbia, Maryland runs from May 14th through June 9th.  Whether you want original art or prints either is available.  Forms for order giclee prints are on hand at the gallery. See my article "Giclee Prints Can Provide New Color for Your Office or Home" ,which was published in The Business Monthly, May 2015, Volume 23, Number 5, learn more about giclee prints.

I've included a few images from installation so you can see a bit of the venue as well. In addition there are close ups shots of several paintings.

Installation Day - Getting the spacing just right

Consider yourself invited; I look forward to seeing family, friends, my collectors, and meeting new people who love the arts. Bernice Kish Gallery is located at Slayton House, 10400 Cross Fox Lane, Columbia, Maryland 21044.

Deciding on the artwork to include in a solo exhibit is more difficult than you might think.  The artwork needs to look like it belongs together either through theme, color transitions, style, or some combination of those elements.  

My subject matter is diverse.  I also vary my style based on the subject matter using what best suits what I want to say about the subject. As a result, I felt I had to limit the styles included in this exhibit so I could present you with a variety of subjects. I hope you enjoy the result. 
... and level

I used a common set of pigments for most of my paintings, but you can achieve a wide variety of colors from the same pigments. As a result the colors vary in the paintings I selected, but they are harmonious since they come from the same set of pigments.

I find deciding on the order of the paintings to be great fun, grouping similar subjects together and using color to transition to the next subject. Six paintings are shown here to give you insight into the flow of the exhibit.

In addition to original paintings, a few giclee prints are included in the exhibit. In fact, a couple prints in the exhibit are the same image as an original also in the exhibit. Order forms will be available so you can order prints of most of the original paintings. If you are interested in a different size than listed on the order form you and use the form to request a quotation for a different size. To see the same image in various print formats click here.

Wondering what else is going on in Howard County? Check out This site includes a wide variety of events. It allows you to filter events by category or explore options for a particular date. I think you'll find it a useful resource.


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  1. It is going to look great, you have picked a good selection and yes, the colour harmony works really well. Best of luck for a successful show!


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