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Friday, June 16, 2017

Great Watermedia Resources

In today's blog I thought I would share some art sites that I have found helpful and how they will be useful to you too.  I've added a few new resources to the list.

50 Best Blogs for Watercolor  - I've just discovered this one and am still reviewing it.  I'm sure it will take a while to get through the contents and appears to contain a wealth of helpful information. Provided by Web Design Schools Guide.
  • 10 links to watercolor demonstrations
  • 20 links to watercolor artist's sites
  • 10 links to art business sites
  • 10 links to art news and reviews
There is one art business blog that I just have to add ArtsyShark. In addition to great art business advice they feature artists a few times each week.

One watercolor book that is published annually by North Light is Splash. I always look forward to seeing it and have purchased a copy the last few years. Splash 16: Exploring Textures has just been released and is sure to be as amazing as ever.  

I also have to share a link to a new watercolor class by Deb Watson. Her new Pet Portraits in Watercolor class is available on Craftsy.  Be sure to also check out Deb Watson's website.

Helpful tips to help protect your data, be it written material, visual art, or other forms of art, in Vimeo by Kathryn Goldman

Color Theory and Harmonies - Nice definitions of different color schemes 
In the same vein, a site I like for exploring color schemes is's Color Scheme Designer, which is intended for web designers but works great for visual artists too.

You can read a summary evaluation of a wide variety of watercolor paint manufacturers in a blog on's blog, Which Brand of Watercolour Should You Use.

Updated: June 2017 

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