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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An Exhibit in an Alternative Space

Winter (Part I)
Typically I exhibit in national watermedia exhibits, commercial galleries, artist owned galleries, and local art centers that hold monthly exhibits. On rare occasion I have also exhibited in alternative spaces, such as doctor's offices, restaurants, and small business stores. It so happens that I arranged an exhibit in a local restaurant a couple months before the discussion in a weekly art business forum turned to the topic of alternative spaces. 

Winter (Part II)
A synopsis of the forum discussion is that you never know when someone will see your artwork, fall in love with it, and want to make a purchase. So displaying in alternate spaces, although somewhat of a long-short in terms of sales, is worth the risk. Several examples were given by artists who had successfully made sales through alternative venues. These alternative venues may not be the primary places where you want to attempt to make sales, but there is no reason to ignore the possibility.

Summer (Part I)
When I first shifted from part time to full time art, I displayed prints of my artwork in my dentist's office. She invited me to do so and posted images of my work in her office on Facebook.  When asked, her receptionist provided my contact information to their patients and I did receive some calls. Although I did not make any sales as a result, I know there was some increased awareness of my artwork as a result of that venture.

Summery (Part II)
This month my artwork is on display at Ranazul tapas wine bistro in Fulton, Maryland. A few people had suggested this venue to me, so I decide to learn more about it.  It turns out the owner's brother is an artist, so when putting together the plans for the building she included a gallery room as part of the layout. Her goal is to support local artists with exhibits each month. What better way to foster a partnership between the artists and the restaurant? I loved the idea, submitted my artwork, and was accepted for a show. Ranazul provides the space, tapas and beverages for the reception, and takes a very reasonable commission on sales. The artist is responsible to install the exhibit, advertise the reception, and take-down the exhibit at the end of the show. A very equitable relationship. 
Summer (Part III)
If you decide to look into alternative venues, be sure to find out the responsibilities of each party so there are no surprises.

Included here are images of my exhibit, Summer and Winter. The reception is on November 8th at 4PM. Come check it out!

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  1. Hi April...Everything looks GREAT!
    It is nice to see a business owner promote the ARTS this way!!!
    I wish much success in this NEW Venue = )

  2. Loved this post - great advice & beautiful work!

    1. Nice to hear my posts are useful. My goal is to be informative, so your feedback is much appreciated. Keep painting, I enjoy your work.

  3. That's great to know, thank you! Have success on this

    1. Thank you, Lizett. The reception tonight was well attended and I enjoyed visiting with everyone.


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