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Friday, April 1, 2016

"Windows" 19.75" X 13.75" fluid acrylic

Some say our eyes are the windows to our soul, and thus the title of this painting is Windows. My goal with windows is to see whether the emotions associated with particular colors actually impact how am image is interpreted. So here you see two paintings of 5 pairs of eyes. Each is in a unique color scheme. 

Some are done in monotonic schemes where a single color is used at different strengths or mixed with only white or black. Others are triads, where only three pigments are used throughout the painting. A couple of the paintings are done in a complementary color scheme where two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are used. When complementary colors are combined you get dulled versions of the colors or a very neutral color that is neither warm or cool.

I suspect that because I've used these color schemes to paint eyes that the expression of the person will affect how much the color defines the emotion you feel when looking at the image.  That is the reason I've done two paintings of each image.

If you feel like helping me learn about the impact of color, please add a comments with answers to these questions. To identify each image in your answers please identify an image in the Left column as L#, where the image # is 1 to 5 counting from top to bottom.  Similarly, an image on the right would be R#, where # is 1 to 5 from top to bottom. For example the man's eyes on the upper left would be L1.  His companion painting is in the middle on the right and would be labeled R3.

Here are my questions. 
Which image feels

  1. most serious or intelligent?
  2. most joyous and full of wisdom?
  3. most self-sufficient, alive and confident?
  4. most peaceful with inner strength?
  5. most tired?
  6. sad?

I'll let you know the consensus of opinions in a separate post. Results are shown here.

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Copyright April M Rimpo 2015 All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.


  1. 1- L5, 2- L1 R2 and R3, 3- R5, 4- R4, 5- L2 and L4, 6- L2

    1. Sheila -Thank you so much for participating. I can definitely see how your selections work. If you'll indulge me, what feeling does L3 communicate?


I look forward to hearing from you. - April

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