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Thursday, July 6, 2017

"The Bakery" 24" X 24" Fluid Acrylic

The Bakery by April M Rimpo
The Bakery was the result of a trip to the Hudson River Valley. My husband and I wandered around though the towns of the valley for several days enjoying the sights, food and wine.  While there we had to stop at the Culinary Institute of America have lunch in one of their restaurants and wander around outside on a lovely fall day. We also stopped in their cafe which had this bakery that served wonderful snacks and coffees.  I was drawn to all the activity in the bakery and found I could take some nice reference photos through their bakery window. When working on such a busy scene you really have to pick and chose what you want to include to get a feel for the busy atmosphere but not have a painting that is so overwhelming that you don't know where to look. 

The Bakery
Fluid Acrylic
24" X 24" image
31.5" X 31.5" brushed silver frame

Selected for the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society's
38th Annual International Juried Exhibition

Received an Honorable Mention Award
(All award recipients shown here)

I liked weaving lavender colors through the bakery to offset all the warm colors of the breads and wooden shelves. I think they also provided a nice way to include a sense of depth to the scene.

Generally I start most of my paintings working the full sheet as a unit and maybe toward the end I work final details one section at a time. However on some paintings I feel I need to work section by section from the start nearly to completion before moving on.  The Bakery was one of these paintings.  Perhaps because there was so much detail of the figures, bread, shiny reflective appliances in the bakery that I felt I have to pay attention to details nearly from the start.

When I work this way, I really have to pay attention to keeping a consistent feel throughout the painting and work so there are still restful areas that don't detract for the whole of the painting.  The images of some of the earlier steps of the painting are shown in earlier blog post to give you a sense of how it developed. I provided links to these other posts below.

At the end I needed to work around the whole painting to either subdue or enhance areas to make The Bakery hold together as one.
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