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Saturday, July 9, 2016

"On Duty" 12" X 12" Fluid Acrylic

On Duty by April M Rimpo
On Duty
Fluid Acrylic Gallery Wrapped and Varnished*
$550 includes shipping within the United States

Those of you who know my art shouldn't be surprised that the first painting I did based on my inspiring European vacation is about cyclists. The setting has changed but my subject matter continues to come back to bicycles.
April with her painting when it was on exhibit at the
Maryland Federation of Art's Celebration Exhibit for 50 Years
at Circle Gallery, 18 State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland

Inspired by some photographs I took in Brussels, "On Duty" depicts some men who looked very official wearing their reflective vests as they walked across the center square in Brussels.  So here I was surrounded by these magnificent buildings and I'm photographing these men.  Yes I photographed the buildings too, but these were the guys I had to paint first.

Once I got home I looked up afdc - the logo on their vests - and found out it is a German Cycling Club.  With the auto translation of the site, there appeared to be some official business associated with sponsoring cyclist initiatives and getting things approved like "right turn on red for cyclists," but it also indicated it was a bicycling club.  You might wonder why a German club would be in Brussels; well the first King of Brussels was German so there are still remnants of German intermixed with their original French and Flemish heritage. 

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