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Saturday, September 10, 2016

"The Orator" 20" X 12" fluid acrylic

The Orator by April M Rimpo

The Orator
Fluid Acrylic
20" X 12" image


Exhibited in Watercolor Art Society - Houston's 40th Annual International Water Media Exhibition in 2017.

Exhibit in the Missouri Watercolor Society's 2018 International Juried Exhibition, held in Quingdao, China.

Years ago I took a tour where the guide was entertaining, very informative, and a bit of a showman. I really enjoyed his talks every day. One day we went to the ruins of a church, he jumped up on a ledge and started to talk, waving his arms to point out bits of the architecture.  

All that came to mind was that he could have been an orator in days long gone, creating excitement in the crowds before a big event. I took several photographs and suspected that some day he would become the subject of a painting. Well, it finally happened.

I used a beautiful tertiary triad of Spring Green, Cobalt Violet, and Cadmium Orange to create The Orator.  I love the result  of using this soft color palette and hope you do too.

In a few areas I used a bit of Quinacridone Burnt Orange with Dioxazine Purple to create some of the darkest values that I felt were needed to create the depth of shadow behind the figure. These colors were like a darker version of the colors in the triad so the result felt cohesive. 

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Copyright April M Rimpo 2016 All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.


  1. Very nice, COOL choice in color selections, love the details and perspective. Thanks for sharing this with us. I have a question, why have you chosen fluid acrylics as your medium instead of other mediums( acrylics/ oils/watercolours)??? Just curious. Thanks again.

    1. Patrick - I used to work in oils then switched to watercolors because I loved chasing the water and letting it tell me what to do next. Several years ago I took a workshop where I was introduced to fluid acrylic and found I could create some textures with the acrylic that were difficult to achieve in watercolor. For a while I used fluid acrylic and watercolor together because I could create a fluid acrylic background that wouldn't change as I worked on the focal point. I used watercolor in places where I wanted to extra vibrancy of watercolor. Eventually I started to gallery wrap my watercolor paper paintings and varnish them so they could be presented without glass. It took a few extra steps to do this with watercolor to avoid too much washing out and spreading of the watercolor paint, so I slowly moved more and more to fluid acrylic and found I could create much the same look as I did with watercolor. I still got to chase the paint around the paper. Over the last year I have included some tube acrylics in my work to add more additional textural and layering affects, but have not done a whole painting with tube acrylic. I just love working on paper and working very wet into wet.


I look forward to hearing from you. - April

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