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Friday, March 9, 2012

Art after Retirement - Incredible!

I've been retired from engineering for one week and here are the results.  I'm refocusing on art and making it my priority.  My results tell me I'm headed in the right direction.  What do you think?
fluid acrylic and watercolor
SOLD "Department Store", 21" X 27" by April M. Rimpo
Department Store
The original is SOLD, but
limited edition archival prints and poster prints are available

Print size options (inches):

If you are interested in a print on canvas or a different size print on watercolor paper, contact April.  Prints can be made up to three times the size of the original painting, which was 21" X 27".

I was drawn to this scene as soon as I saw it; all the bikes, the beautiful doorway, and the bright sign had me in a second.  We drove past it quite a few times and each time I tried to get a photograph without much success.  I loved the charm of this department store in Marigot, St. Martin.  This is certainly not what we think of as a department store in the U.S.  I love color and this store had so much to offer.  I had to rearrange colors and bikes to make a better design but this just enhanced the thrill I felt when I first saw it.  I hope you love my painting as much as I loved the scene.

Prints are available on watercolor paper and on gallery wrapped canvas; check my store for other prints.


  1. Good to know that your dreams of making art are going to come true! I'm doing the same... retiring from teaching in June, after 30 years, and trying to focus on my art and become known as 'the artist', not the 'teacher' anymore! It's a scary, enlivening step, isn't it? I;ll be following your posts carefully for guidance! The bicycle shop is amazing! I love all the little parts of the bikes. Your engineering background probably helps you to see the details that many overlook, too. But the artist in you knows exactly which details to leave in and which to leave out! A perfect combination. Beautiful artwork!

  2. I really love this print April! You are so talented at so many things. Go you!

    1. The Kagies bought the original. It is so great to know if found such a good home.

    2. Fred Kagie (PoppaHugs)February 8, 2014 at 1:32 PM

      We really enjoy having it displayed in our formal dining room. It's mounted with a very simple purpleheart wood frame under museum glass. It was perfect for the room.


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