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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bike Trip I and II - color options

Bike Trip I by April M Rimpo
Bike Trip II by April M Rimpo

I used two versions of the same composition to explore color options. In the first I wanted to use the three primary colors red, blue and yellow for the color scheme, believing this triad would help emphasize the bikes on the back of the SUV and augment the playfulness of the concept behind the painting. When composing this painting I had also considered a color scheme of just blue and yellow.

After the first version was done I thought I should go ahead and try the second color scheme.  I found the yellows in the painting really brightened up the scheme and it felt happier to me than the original. Normally blues are associated with calm and quiet moods and since there are more blues than yellows I didn't expect this result.  I think the lighter background and yellows end up making this a warm and cheery painting.  Perhaps it is because yellow is sometimes described as the most visible color, so even though I used much less yellow than blue it still draws us in and makes the scene happy, which was my original goal.

Bike Trip II
Fluid Acrylic and Watercolor
12" X 14" gallery wrapped and varnished

The title Bike Trip was a play on words, so I feel the happy effect of the colors I chose in version II augment the playfulness I intended.  Let me know which painting appeals most to you and why.  I'd like to understand other interpretations of these two versions of the same design.


  1. I read your description of the intent on both of these paintings and found it a very interesting. Although both are good paintings, I do like the second one more as it portrays a bright, sunny day. It has a nice complimentary color scheme as well.

    1. Thanks, Johanna. Interesting to me how the bright sunny day is more powerful than the calming blues. I think I learn something with most every painting.

  2. A friend emailed me this comment, which he agreed I could share. "As a parent that has spent many hours on the road driving a child to and from athletic events, these two paintings reminded me of heading out at the crack of dawn to an event (BT I) or coming back from an event at the end of the day (BT II). Of course, this impression is subject to the way the color pallet of my monitor renders your painting but the impression was striking and immediate. Great work!"

    I valued his personal impressions. To me this is what art is all about, touching another individual to invoke feelings from another time.


I look forward to hearing from you. - April

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