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Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Breakfast for Two", 36" X 24" fluid acrylic and watercolor

Breakfast for Two by April M Rimpo
Can you tell I like color?  There is something about orange, blue and purple that just makes a painting sing to me. Complementary colors, you've got to love them.

Breakfast for Two also has a nice balance between curves and the linear pattern of the tiles on the wall. I wish I could say that all of this was intentional design, but in reality it is what I saw one morning while have breakfast with my husband at a restaurant with outside seating. Now I know I was drawn to the scene because of the complementary colors, but I don't think the  balance between line and curve struck me until much later. 

That doesn't mean I didn't make some variations from my original photos.  I combined bird shots, substituted the restaurant plates for one of my own plates, altered the color of the crumpled napkin to continue the colors from the birds, and changed the leftover food on the back plate from what might have been leftover scrambled eggs to waffles.  Wouldn't any self-respecting bird prefer waffles?

Breakfast for Two
Fluid Acrylic and Watercolor
36" X 24" varnished in brushed silver frame
$1950 includes shipping within the United States

Of course those of you who follow my work also know I am drawn to pigeons.  They may be a nuisance, but you have to admit they are one of the more colorful birds in the United States.  Capturing all the variation of blues, purples, lavenders, and sometimes teal blue/green is just plain fun to me.

To see more pigeon paintings you might want to start at my post "Pigeons: Evolution of a Series."

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