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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Living Life, 24" X 18" watercolor

Living Life by April M Rimpo

Living Life
24" X 18"

I've been painting a lot with fluid acrylic for the last year, but when I started in on Living Life I decided to start with watercolor thinking that at some point I would switch to fluid acrylic. However it was fun to be working in watercolor for a change and I ended up doing the entire painting in watercolor. Building up his beard was the most fun, since I had never painted a beard before.

I did use some of the techniques I had tried out with fluid acrylic during the 30 day challenge, intermixed of course with lots of techniques I've learned over the years from a myriad of great watercolor artists.  Layering color to build rich dark colors was a major take-away from a workshop I took from Paul Jackson on painting glass.  Obviously no hard edged shapes here, but the richness of color you get from layering colors is always phenomenal.

I used a pretty limited palette in this painting, Daniel Smith Quinacridone Coral, Quinacridone Burnt Sienna, and French Ultramarine. A little bit of Holbien Cerulean and a small amount of Da Vinci Indigo. I love when the colors flow throughout the shapes creating a cohesive flow.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this painting.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sandy. I didn't know this man's story, so mysterious seems the imperative word.

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous - I love it!

  3. Wonderful textures, such a lot of depth. :)

    1. Textures was my biggest take away from the 30 day challenge. Glad they worked here.


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