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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Sweet Addition to our Neighborhood

 Last Sunday, when my husband started to mow the lawn he came across this beautiful fawn nestled in some of our new grass.  We believe the doe had given birth Saturday night; she must have thought the long grass was a meadow.

Needless to say the mowing stopped so this lovely visitor wouldn't be disturbed too greatly. I setup a chair near the window that overlooked the fawn and kept an eye out for the doe and any action from the fawn.

Late afternoon the doe walked between our raspberry bushes and the woods and the fawn stood up allowing me to take the photo at left.

I suspect the doe saw me in the window so she stayed in the woods.  The fawn took another nap and I continued to read and periodically look out the window waiting.
When it was nearly dusk the doe came out of our woods, strolled around the whole house, then approached the fawn. Part of our driveway runs along the side of the house into the backyard; the doe and her fawn reunited on the driveway, which was a little easier for the fawn to stand on.  I loved how they touched noses when they met.

Immediately the fawn ran on her very wobbly legs to nurse while the doe stood guard.  Her head kept swiveling from front to back making sure no one approached. My husband and I had a perfect view from our living room window and snapped many photographs.

It took quite a while for the doe to convince the fawn to follow her back into the woods.  I suspect they are nesting under the raspberry bush, but decided not to disturb them just yet and resisted the urge to go look.

This is the first fawn we've seen in our yard in two years. I hope we get to see them again. However based on our experience two years ago, the does will likely move the fawn as soon as it gets more stable on its legs.

This little fawn just may have to find her way into one of my paintings like Deer with Fawn that I painted earlier this Spring.


  1. Congratulations on you new neighbors!
    Great photos. Your land must have good vibes.

    1. We're group of six houses has a nice patch of woods that runs around the houses. It seems to be a nice place for a few deer to live. Plus the farms in the area provide a nice crow of corn later in the summer. The wild berries in the woods also provide a nice meal.


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