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Saturday, July 4, 2015

"King of the Roost" SOLD

King of the Roost by April M Rimpo
King of the Roost is another rooster painting inspired by last year's trip to the Montgomery County Fair. There were quite a wide variety of roosters, but this one stood quite proud, showing off for the crowd. The real rooster was a Black Breasted Red Old English Rooster, but aficionados of this breed might have a hard time recognizing him. I definitely took liberties as only an artist can do with the colors and also the shape of the rooster's tail, which does not have such pointed feathers in its tail. I used some watercolor pencil to add strokes of color, although I'm not sure if they are visible in the finished work since layers of paint were added on top of the pencil lines.

Using chicken wire like patterns to give the illusion of feathers was a fun playful departure from reality. Adding geometric shapes to the background inserted some contrasting shapes to this very proud bird. Enjoy!

 King of the Roost SOLD at Still Life Gallery in Ellicott City.  

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