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Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Possible Advantage of having Paintings for Sale in Canvas Racks

Sometime you find you have collectors that love the art but just can't get past the framing. It is impossible to predict what someone might like since the options that would look good with the artwork are countless and are very personal choices. 

To avoid driving yourself crazy as an artist, it is often best to select a single presentation approach and use it for all of your artwork. I traditionally used a single brushed silver frame for all of

my watercolor paintings framed under glazing. As I started to do more acrylic paintings I found I could produce gallery wrapped pieces, where the image goes around the edge and no framing is used at all.  I also felt some of my acrylic paintings just looked great in the same brushed silver frame used with my watercolors, but in this case with no glass. As you see I violate the one presentation run that I mentioned above, but most of my newest painting are gallery wrapped.

As I produced more acrylic paintings I thought I would poll my newsletter readers, which includes collectors, friends, family, and others interested in my art who have not yet made a purchase. I had just had a solo exhibit which included all options I just described: watercolor under glass; gallery wrapped acrylics, and acrylic varnished and framed without glass.  In the poll I asked whether the reader had a preference.  

The result of my poll?  The vote was split evenly for each type: 33% framed under glass, 33% gallery wrapped, and 33% varnished and framed without glass.  Many of the reasons provided for their preference were the same, but they were defending a different answer.  This convinced me to use my best judgement and deal with collector choices as they occur.  After all, if a different frame is desired (wood, a different color metal) we can work that out together or the buyer can buy the painting unframed and obtain their own framing.

This brings us back to offering some paintings in a canvas rack. You've seen canvas racks in galleries with a variety of paintings and prints for sale. Generally racks contain flat work, matted or unmatted in a clear sleeve. This allows your collector to purchase that perfect painting without worrying about whether they like the frame and the stress of negotiating for a change in the presentation.

In the upcoming exhibit FIGURE 8 PLUS 1 at Touchstone Gallery, the artists will have some of their artwork in canvas racks. Below is an assortment of paintings that I plan to have in the racks.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sue. You have a nice week too. Happy painting.

  2. So 2/3 of the people who answered the survey prefer art with NO glass!

    1. Yes that is correct. It was interesting that one who had not seen my exhibit started with an adamant, under glass vote. She then went to the exhibit and switched to gallery wrapped.


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