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Sunday, March 6, 2016

FIGURE 8 PLUS 1: Opening Reception

Group Wall has examples
of each artist's work
Touchstone Gallery held the Opening Reception for a small group exhibit titled FIGURE 8 PLUS 1 on March 4th.  Eight 2-dimensional artists plus one sculptor explore the human form in a variety of media. The exhibit includes contemporary art in oil, acrylic, photograph, pen and ink, ceramic sculpture, and watercolor.
The artists (left to right)
Janathel Shaw, Steve Alderton, Dana Bratman, Gail Vogels, April M Rimpo,Timothy Johnson, and Shelley Lowenstein 

Unable to attend the reception were artists: Michael Lang and Paula Lantz, who were missed.

Great crowds attended the opening reception and asked a lot of questions about the artwork. I know I enjoyed explaining the stories about my inspiration and my painting techniques and based on the grins on the other artists' faces I know they too had a wonderful time.  

Enjoy these photos from the reception. If you missed it, there will be another chance at the Artists Talk on March 19th, starting at 2PM.



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