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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Featured art - Morning in NYC

Morning in NYC-Canvas Print at Re/MAX
I probably shouldn't admit to favorites when I talk about my paintings, but Morning in NYC is definitely one of my favorites.  Thus my decision to have this my second featured art on display at RE/MAX Advantage Realty in Baltimore.

I started drawing this painting on tracing paper when visiting my mother's home for a week long visit. I got up early to draw until she got up. That would give me a couple hours to make progress, which is about how long I could focus on all those linear lines and details of the city before I needed a break.

After I returned home to my studio, I transferred the image to watercolor paper and created the painting. I used the same basic colors of the city but brightened them just slightly to emphasize the beautiful peace of the morning light.

Original Painting (Morning in NYC) with various types of Giclee Prints
As you can see in the image above, giclee prints can be purchased in a variety of types. It is the large canvas print on display at RE/MAX Advantage. I offer prints of my artwork on watercolor paper and gallery wrapped canvas. Most of my gallery wrapped canvas prints have the image wrap around the edge of the frame and some have a solid colored edge. The image above includes (from left to right), a small (10" tall) print on watercolor, the original watercolor framed with a white mat, a larger giclee print on canvas 24" X 16" with a depth of  1.5", and a small giclee print on canvas 18" X 8 X 0.75" depth.

If you'd like to see the print in person and live near Baltimore feel free to go to RE/MAX Advantage and let them know you are there to see my artwork. I can also meet you there. Contact me to see if we can arrange a good date to meet.

Prints in the sizes shown are available. If you'd prefer a different size, contact me with the size and I will provide a quote.

Print sizes currently available:

The original is also available:

Morning in NYC
When considering a print of an original painting you can decide on the size and type of print that best suits your space. Because I get high resolution digital scans of my paintings, you can enlarge the image up to three times without degradation.  This amount of enlargement should allow you to fill a very large space.  Prints on watercolor paper need to be framed under glass with a mat that separates the print from touching the glass.  Frames on the canvas prints are optional.

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Copyright April M Rimpo 2016 All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.


I look forward to hearing from you. - April

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