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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Collaborating with Musicians - Part I ROGUE COLLECTIVE

First of all my thanks go to Elaine Weiner-Reed who conceived of "Every Painting is a Song" a few years ago and made it come to life in 2018 at her exhibition in Chaney Gallery at Maryland Hall. When Elaine and I joined forces for our exhibition "Portraits of Life: The Art of Storytelling", Elaine immediately suggested we continue her initiative of "Every Painting is a Song" as part of our exhibition. I wanted to expand on that idea to include "Every Painting is a Story." Having been in exhibits at the Columbia Art Center where either the artist created a painting to a poem or the poets wrote paintings to the visual art, I suggested we not only collaborate with musicians, but with poets as well.  

As a number of poets and musicians agreed to participate in our collaboration, we realized we needed two collaboration events: one Collaboration with the Written Word and one Collaboration with Musicians. This blog post focuses on the Collaboration with Musicians.

We were extremely lucky to have music created by ROGUE COLLECTIVE, Bob Jacobson, and Gerald (Jerry) Richard Ingley. This post is Part I of our Music Collaboration and features ROGUE COLLECTIVE. Enjoy this amazing group of women as they explore their reactions to painting and share what they hear in the pieces.

Meet the musicians of ROGUE COLLECTIVE and learn more at their website.

Alexa Cantalupo: Violinist | Musician | Creative Director of ROGUE COLLECTIVE - Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from University of Maryland, 2019 Master of Arts in Arts Management from American University 
Kaitlin Moreno: Violinist | Musician | Professor - Performance degree from the University of Maryland. Kaitlin is dedicated to performing music of our time by collaborating with up-and-coming composers.
Natalie Spehar: Cellist | Composer | Lectures | Performs - Classical, Rock, and Folk Music. Natalie is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and the University of Maryland.

Enjoy their amazing Structured Improvisations created by the three talented women of ROGUE COLLECTIVE and hear how they saw the paintings.

Time at the Bus Stop © April M Rimpo

Time at the Bus Stop © April M Rimpo
ROGUE COLLECTIVE's interpretation of Time at the Bus Stop (shared in the video below), so aligned with my thoughts on this painting that I now know how my thoughts sound. Just thinking about it makes me get the chills and tear up at the same time.  My thanks to ROGUE COLLECTIVE for letting me have this incredible experience.

In Her Own World © April M Rimpo

In Her Own World © April M Rimpo
Video of ROGUE COLLECTIVES Structured Improvisation of In Her Own World.

And this post would not be complete without ROGUE COLLECTIVES' amazing music inspired by Elaine Weiner-Reed's paintings.

Heart and Soul © Elaine Weiner-Reed

Heart and Soul © Elaine Weiner-Reed
Enjoy Elaine Weiner-Reed's video about this wonder musical creation by ROGUE COLLECTIVE based on her painting Heart and Soul. Also learn a bit about the three musicians that are the heart of this collective.

Come What May © Elaine Weiner-Reed

Come What May © Elaine Weiner-Reed

Enjoy Elaine Weiner-Reed's video featuring ROGUE COLLECTIVE's music based on her  painting Come What May

Challenge Accepted © Elaine Weiner-Reed

Challenge Accepted © Elaine Weiner-Reed
And last but not least, Elaine's video honoring ROGUE COLLECTIVE's music created for Challenge Accepted.

Please share your comments on the art and these amazing musicians.

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