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Friday, June 14, 2019

Video about Ann Bracken's Poem Inspired by "Time at the Bus Stop"

"Time at the Bus Stop" poem by Ann Bracken to April M Rimpo's painting by the same title

Enjoy this poem by Ann Bracken as part of our initiative "Every Painting is a Story." The poem was shared as part of my and Elaine Weiner-Reed's exhibition, Portraits of Life: The Art of Storytelling. Each poem was displayed with the painting that inspired it. We loved watching the expressions of exhibition visitors as they looked back and forth between the painting and the poetry. But most exciting of all was listening to the poets read their work during our Poetry Collaboration event on May 21. Thanks to my husband for capturing the readings on video which allowed me to create the video that follows about the event and Ann's poem. I must also acknowledge that the music in the video is a Structured Improvisation created by ROGUE COLLECTIVE for this same painting during our Musician Collaboration event on May 22nd.  The music composition will be highlighted in a separate blog post. 

Ann Bracken has authored two poetry collections, No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom and The Altar of Innocence. She serves as a contributing editor for Little Patuxent Review, and co-facilitates the Wilde Readings Poetry Series in Columbia, MD. Her poetry, essays, and interviews have appeared in anthologies and journals, including Gargoyle, Bared: Contemporary Poetry & Art on Bras & Breasts, Fledgling Rag, and Texture among others. Ann's poetry has garnered two Pushcart Prize nominations. She offers writing workshops in schools and community education centers. 
Time at the Bus Stop by April M Rimpo © 2018

My 3 minute 20 second video shares how the poetry collaboration got underway and most importantly Ann Bracken's explanation of her thoughts on my painting and her reading of her wonderful poem. I encourage you to read Ann's blog post about her poem and our event here

Here is Ann's poem for you to savor and live with.

Time at the Bus Stop” Ann Bracken © 2019

I had a vision that if we came here
we’d find a new kind of fortune.

But who feeds guests with scraps
from cans instead of
platters heavy with fruit?

My grandson places his hand of my knee
and pleads “Where is my bed?”
“I don’t want to sleep on this hard step again.”

But steps are all I can see
one step for food, the next step maybe
someone will smile.

Please share your thoughts on Ann Bracken's poem as it relates to my painting in the comments below.

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Ekphrastic poem "Time at the Bus Stop" by Ann Bracken © 2019 

Structured Improvisation Music inspired by April M. Rimpo's painting "Time at the Bus Stop"  by ROGUE COLLECTIVE © 2019

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