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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Cycling Together" 16"X 24" watercolor (Demo video)


Watercolor paitning of three cyclists in a bike race.
Cycling Together © April M Rimpo

Cycling Together

Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic

16" X 24" gallery wrapped

As in most of my cycling paintings, my goal is to capture the movement and energy of cyclists. I so admire bicycle riders for their strength and athleticism. When a local triathlon runs through our town I capture them in photographs as they ride by. I love their interplay as they ride in groups, sometimes passing each other on their way by.

Abstracted backgrounds help bring focus to the rider but also augment the sense of speed with which the rider is traversing the landscape.  Cycling Together is primarily a watercolor painting with a small amount of fluid acrylic in the shadows cast by the tree line onto the road.

Below is a video created by Sylvie Carter, who started Art with Sylvie - "Unlocking the journey of artists and their work." Sylvie is an artist in Canberra, Australia who set about interviewing artists in a variety of media and creating videos to share their art. I am honored that she was drawn to my paintings on Instagram and asked to include me and my work in her free videos. This is the second video she created with me where I demonstrate and talk about creating this painting.   

You can see more of Sylvie's Art with Sylvie Free videos on her website at  

There are portions of my process beyond what Sylvie included in her video that I also wanted to share. Below is my 25 minute video about creating this painting.

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Copyright April M Rimpo All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.

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