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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012 - Delivery Day

Today was the day to deliver my art to Agora Gallery in NYC.  Chas and I packed up the car last night.  Definitely would have been a problem if there had been more than 6 paintings.  I continue to paint large, despite advice from friends.  We'd tested the empty boxes a week ago to make sure they would fit in the Highlander and as you can see the boxes filled the back.  After getting the paintings packed in the car last night we had fun with bungie cords trying to figure out how to secure them in case of a quick stop.  No visibility out the back window on this trip.  We'll be adjusting those side mirrors!  (FYI - Nothing moved during the trip, so I guess we did okay.)
Highlander Packed to the Brim
Paintings unloaded from car

Fortunately, Agora was prepared for deliveries all this week, so they had cones in front of the gallery that we moved to park.  Yeah!  No double parking in NYC.  

We unloaded the car as fast as we could then Chas drove the car down to the parking garage just down W 25th Street, within eyeshot of Agora.

We took the paintings up the elevator to the 2nd floor and dropped them off.  Lots of driving for about 10 minutes of delivery time.  

We did take some time viewing the current exhibit at Agora before heading off to Joe's The Art of Coffee on W 23rd Street.  We'd been there on a previous visit to New York and we knew it would satisfy our finicky coffee habit.  Chas is still spoiling me with high quality home roasted coffee beans, but Joe's coffee was almost as good as what we have at home.
Parking Just Down from Agora
High Line Elevated Park

From Joe's we went to New York Burger Company for burgers and a rich chocolate milk shakes.  What decadence for 2 people who have been dieting for longer than we'd like to admit.

On our next trip we'll need to check out the High Line Elevated Park that runs parallel to 10th Avenue, right near Agora Gallery.  There is also Chelsea Garden, which is a couple blocks over by West 28th Avenue.  I suspect the hotel where we'll be staying for the reception on July 12th is right next to Chelsea Park.  

Holland Tunnel  - Bye New York

Including our time in NYC our round trip took 9.5 hours.  

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  1. Watch out NYC... here comes April Rimpo!!! Congratulations :)
    xox Cecelia


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