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Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Flowers to Remember" 24" X 36"varnished watercolor on Aquabord

Flowers to Remember by April M Rimpo
Flowers to Remember
varnished watercolor on Aquabord
24" X 36"

The people in Guatemala have wonderful traditions surround All Saints Day.  It is a day to celebrate their family members who have passed.  They flood into their cemeteries and spend the day together with family living and dead.  The fly kites with messages for those passed tied to the tails.  Flowers are everywhere. Streets are decorated with beautiful floral "paintings". This woman is carrying a bundle of flowers on her head as she heads into a cemetery.  The women in the background are selling flowers.  I was lucky enough to be in Antigua, Guatemala over All Saints Day to see these traditions.  Some traditions I have captured in paintings are others will certainly make their way into paintings over time.

My painting Messengers is another painting about these traditions.

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  1. Stopped by the blogs...see you posted a painting...aquabord is an interesting surface to work did well with it...very colorful painting!

  2. I've used small aquabords before, but this 24 X 36 was a lot trickier to work with. You know I love color, Johanna.


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