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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Trapped" 36" X 36" fluid acrylic & watercolor

Trapped by April M Rimpo

fluid acrylic & watercolor mounted on
36" x 36" X 2.5" deep cradle Cherry Wood

Available through April's Website

Trapped was born "in my list of must do paintings" when leaving New York City through the Holland Tunnel a couple years ago.  My husband was driving and I was delighted by the reflections of lights in the ceiling and walls of the tunnel. Now you might be wondering, if this was a happy moment enjoying the lights, then why is the titled Trapped?  Well, although the initial moment when entering the tunnel was a happy one, my reaction once I get inside tunnels that are under bodies of water is angst.  I really dislike tunnels under water.  Maybe there have been too many movies about water flooding these kinds of tunnels that works on me.  Generally in the movies this occurs after some bad guy sets off an explosive (not a natural disaster), but none the less these movies have gotten into my psyche.

When invited by the Columbia Art Center to participate in an exhibit titled "Things that Scare Me" I thought of the pictures I had taken and decided it was time to do my Holland Tunnel painting.  Part of me says I shouldn't call this painting Trapped since it was the beauty of the reflections that really made me want to paint this.  While getting ready to paint this I decided to emphasize the dark "hole" at the end of the tunnel, but wanted to contrast it with the beautiful subtle colors in the concrete and tunnel walls. The calming colors surrounding the dark hole make me smile when I look at the painting.  Maybe this painting will end up being therapeutic and help me get over this phobia.  

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  1. This does not conjure up fear...have been through NY's tunnels many times...especially by train...knew it was underwater, but never gave it a thought...was a way of life there. April, this is a great capture the light and the movement very well...makes me feel like I'm there again!

    1. I'm actually glad. to hear it does not conjure up fear since I'd like this painting to be enjoyed outside the context of the exhibit The exhibit is about personal fears, which are ot necessarily translatable to others.


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