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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Inspired at the Montgomery County Fair

In August my husband and I visited with my college roommate while strolling around the Montgomery County Fair.  She had been helping in the beekeeper exhibit that morning, so we met up for a long overdue visit.  One of the buildings held bunnies of every color and size and another contained rows and rows of roosters and hens.  I snapped lots of photographs, especially of the roosters and hens.  

One of my neighbors has a chicken coop.  We often hear the rooster crowing, but when I had asked her about photographing her rooster, she said I could but she didn't have a very pretty rooster and referred me to a neighbor.  So along came the Montgomery County Fair and I had no lack of choices.  Here are two that I decided to do as small acrylic paintings.  I took a lot of liberty with the color of the sitting rooster, but the standing rooster is pretty accurate.  On first glance you think this rooster is black and white, but there were many pale hues in the white feathers, which I just had to capture. You know me and color.  So enjoy these new little paintings.  I hear a kitchen calling out there somewhere that is just in need of a new spark of color.

 Sitting Rooster

Fluid Acrylic
6" X 6" Aquabord
Gold Frame


Strutting Rooster
Fluid Acrylic
10" X 8" gallery wrap canvas


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