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Monday, October 27, 2014

My studio mascot

April's Studio
Every now and then people ask me about my studio. As you can see, the studio is in my home, in the basement actually.  I moved it there after my son moved, since he had been using this space as his apartment for several year. 

What you can't see lurking on the other side of the painting is my studio mascot, Dusty.  She spends a lot of time down here with me.  Watch my video where I introduce her. 

She may be lazy, but she is faithful.


  1. Thanks, Sue. I thought this would be a good test of the process of recording & posting a video. 😊

  2. Fantastic! Dusty turning her back is hilarious!
    Thank you for posting the video. Although I haven't met or spoken with you, I think your voice sounds like you.

    1. I'm so glad you liked the video. It was fun to make. The first time I went to make it, Dusty must have had a second sense that something was up because she jumped down from the chair and left the room before I even had my camera to my eye.


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