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Friday, November 28, 2014

Haven on the Lake Spa - 60 paintings on display

By the Stream 24" X 72"  SOLD

Rolling Hills 44" X 58"
Haven on the Lake is a new spa in Columbia, Maryland. Their vision is 

Heal the stress of everyday life.
Boy did I ever need that before I switched my career to full time artist. Stress was the definition of my days.  Even though I am no longer in the high stress world the services at Haven on the Lake sound enticing.  Check out their website to learn more. The spa opens on December 6th for all Wellness Spa Services and on December 15th for Mind Body Movement classes.

Standing Tall  20" X 16"

This new spa has art by area artists on display and for sale. I was one of the artists selected to have three of my paintings on exhibit.  There are about sixty paintings on display for the next six months, then new art will be selected and displayed.  A few other artists who also have artwork included at the spa are: Nancy Lee Davis, Diane Dunn, Debbie Hoeper, Deborah Maklowski, Pat Roberie, Cathy Sawdey, John Stier, Kathleen Stumpfel and Barbara Steinacker. I, for one, am anxious to see the spa and all the art.

The artwork changes periodically, so stop by Haven to see what is currently on exhibit. 
Read more about my paintings by following these links:
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork.

    1. Thanks so much. I am so excited about getting into the spa exhibit I just couldn't keep it to myself.

  2. All the best!
    'Love the one called...Standing tall!

  3. Thanks,, Sue. That was a fun experiment. I definitely plan to do moreike it.

  4. These are three incredibly good paintings, April! The softness and yet the crispness of detail in the just the right places... I envy your ability to do that! That's wonderful that your work will be part of this special place on its grand opening, April! It means that your artwork truly speaks of beauty and the transcendence into a more mindful, fulfilling type of existence for people!

    1. Thank you, Katherine. You are so intuitive. The acceptance letter did indicate that those selected best satisfiled the selection criteria included quality of work, originality and adherence to theme. The theme was "well-being and vitality. Art should fit into this environment which invites people to get in touch with their spirit, relax and heal the stress of everyday life." I designed "Rolling Hills" and "By the Stream" specifically for this location and was delighted that both succeeded and communicating the theme.

  5. Thanks for this article. I never would have noticed the paintings but now I will make sure to appreciate them! mermaid art


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