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Saturday, November 22, 2014

3" X 3" miniatures - a change of pace

Fire House II, Ferry Boat, On the Lake, B and O Caboose II by April M Rimpo
I've been painting a number of large paintings recently.  The largest was 44" X 58" , another was 24" X 72", and several were 24" X 34", So when I rediscovered these 3" X 3" canvases I decided to do a few miniatures. Some of these miniatures were derivative of other paintings I've done this year. It was fun to figure out how to simplify these earlier paintings so they would work in this small format.

My favorite is the Ferry Boat since it was a subject I've planned to do for a while. I'm so happy with the result I now want to do it larger, but no doubt there will be several other paintings before I actually do the larger version.

Each was painted using Fluid Acrylic on a 3" X 3" Canvas and sells for $40 
Fire House II and B and Caboose has sold. 


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