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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Aren't You Coming?" 20" X 16" fluid acrylic

Aren't You Coming? by April M Rimpo
Aren't You Coming? 
Fluid Acrylic on Paper
20" X 16" varnished, gallery wrapped

Available through Xanadu Online Studios

Aren't You Coming? depicts a boy's reaction when he realizes his mom isn't right behind him as he runs ahead of her through the mall. First he glances back to check on her after a mall security guard suggests he look at his mom.  He keeps going, then pauses and looks back to check on her again. After moving ahead a few more steps he decides she isn't coming, turns and runs back. You could see what was probably rolling through his mind, wanting the independence running ahead, but a bit young to venture too far alone. Too many unknown things might lie ahead.

While watching this boy my thoughts immediately went to my son and the independence boys test earlier than most little girls, at least the ones I have known. I believe I was pretty "clingy" at this age, my independence coming later. Even when 10 or 11 I stayed with my mother when we went to the mall to shop. It wasn't until my late teens when I bravely boarded a plane and flew across the country to go to college, with no concern that I would be on the west coast while my family lived on the east coast. We do grow and evolve at our own pace.

In this "Tastestry at the Mall" painting, I retained the color scheme and some of the elements common to many of the paintings: the striped awningpatterns in the background under the awning, and the rails in the center of the mall where you can look down at a lower level. To emphasize how young this boy is I included in the background images of toy blocks along with squiggles intended to appear like a child's drawing with crayons.

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Copyright April M Rimpo, All Rights Reserved  You may share my work with attribution, but all other uses are prohibited.


  1. Beautiful work April!Love what you did with the blocks... took me a minute to see the numbers too. Your work is spectacular, and inspirational!

    1. I'm so glad you didn't see the block right away and that they were something to discover. Exactly what I had hoped for.


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