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Monday, August 10, 2015

Fundraiser for "Enchanted Forest" at Clark's Elioak Farm

Triceratops by April M Rimpo
Several local artists will be supporting the
Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Enchanted Forest 
at Clark's Elioak Farm.
August 15 - 16

Enchanted Forest features a petting farm sprinkled with sculptures inspired by children's fairy tales. Examples include The Old Woman's Shoe from "The Woman Who Lived In A Show."  The sculptures came from the Enchanted Forest Theme Park, once located in Ellicott City (more about the park and restoration below). 

The day I went to Clark's Elioak Farm to decide on my subject matter it was packed. It was mid-week and I was amazed full the parking lot was on a day that I thought might be quiet.  It appeared there was also a birthday party going on.  What a great place for little children!

I chose to paint the triceratops sculpture. They are not quite this purple in the painting, but I had trouble getting the color right in my photograph.  You'll have to come to the festivities to see it.  

The owners of Clark's Elioak Farm will select a few paintings for auction and the balance will be for sale Thursday through Sunday. Clark's Elioak Farm will handle sales through the Farm Store.  20% of sales will be deducted for the Enchanted Forest restoration efforts.

I'll see you at the reception!

Backstory on the Clarks' preservation of the figures from the historic Enchanted Forest Park:

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