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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Reading and Learning" 18" X 12" acrylic

Reading And Learning by April M Rimpo
Reading and Learning is another contribution to my "Tapestry at the Mall" series. I had been looking at some paintings by Kadinsky and discovered some I had not seen before that were based on circular shapes.  I really enjoyed these paintings and decided to take the circles into a new direction and use them as the backdrop for this painting.  I felt they added a playful lift, which I wanted to have with this adorable little girl. She was totally absorbed as she walked through the mall with a man who I assume is her father. She appeared to be taking it all in, which inspired the title for this piece.

Reading and Learning 
Fluid Acrylic on Paper
18" X 12" gallery wrapped painting

Available through HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

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