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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

City 10" X 10" mixed media

City by April M Rimpo
These paintings are titled "Country" and "City". My inspiration for the "City" painting came during a Touchstone Gallery reception.  I stepped outside during the reception and took some photographs of DC at night. Since I was planning a tree scene for "Country" I thought my image of one of the trees in front of the gallery lit by a street light would be a nice companion.  There were bicycles parked by the tree and those, of course, had to be included. In fact they were the reason I had taken the photograph.  This led to my decision to add a bicycle to the "Country" painting.  

Mixed Media
10" X 10"

Country by April M Rimpo - SOLD

Both of these paintings were started on canvas and on rice paper. The rice paper was used to create textures in the foliage. It was attached to the canvas and then I add more paint to the rice paper surface allowing the underpainting on the canvas shine through.  

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  1. Love them both April! Best wishes to you :)

    1. I enjoyed working in the 10"X10" format. I think there will be more of these. Of course my Tapestry at the Mall paintings will continue to be 18X12. :-)


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