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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Featured Art - Tapestry at the Mall series

Tapestry at the Mall series by April M Rimpo

Prints from April's
Tapestry at the Mall series
14" X 10" on watercolor paper

I've completed 5 paintings from my Tapestry at the Mall series, but expect to do more in the future. I tend to start a series and then pick it up again once I am ready to resume the theme. All of these are paintings are done with fluid acrylic on watercolor paper that is stretched to create gallery wrapped images. Since the painting wraps around the edge they are perfect for hanging without a frame. Five of them are 18" X 12" pieces and one is 20" X 16". I was inspired to create these as I sat at the mall watching the people go by. It was fun to imagine their stories and to capture my feelings and thoughts about them. 

The one shown in the upper left is titled "Fashion" since the woman is so dressed up and wearing colors that just sing to me. 

The upper middle painting is titled "Family Day" in which I could only wonder if the young girl had just come from a dance recital and they are at the mall to celebrate. 

The upper right piece is titled "Happiness" since these two appeared to be best of friends enjoying a day together sharing stories and laughter.

"Elegance" is the painting in the lower left. Here these woman carry themselves with such elegance and beauty that I had to paint them. This original has found a new home, but prints are available.

Lower middle is "Reading and Learning" where the father appears focused on his mobile phone while his daughter looks into each shop they pass taking it all in.

"Aren't you Coming" is the larger piece which is like a stop action view as this little boy first realizes his mother is not following him, then stops and peers back several times before starting to run back to her. 

Part of April's Tapestry at the Mall Series
on display at RE/MAX Advantage
Above you can see three of them as canvas prints hanging at RE/MAX Advantage. These giclee prints are printed on canvas using archival materials designed to not fade or yellow for over 25 years.  The prints are 36" X 24" compared to the originals where are 18" X 12". The printer I use has a very high resolution camera for scanning allowing me to print, without degradation, up to 3 to 4 times the size of the original painting. 

If you would like to see the painting, you can stop by RE/MAX Advantage Realty, 729 East Pratt Street, Suite 100, Baltimore MD 21202, and say you are there to see April Rimpo's artwork. All purchases are made through April, so contact me if you have questions or would like to meet at RE/MAX.

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