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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Studio - Inspiring to work in

New Flooring and Cleared out Space for Future Teaching Area
Painting Table Next to Arcadia Doors for Natural Light
Plus New LED lighting Above Table
There is nothing like a new environment to get your juices flowing. Last month we finally had the very old wall-to-wall carpeting removed from our basement, which is where my studio is located. We decided to replace the carpet with vinyl flooring, since occasionally this area gets wet when it rains very hard. The vinyl will hold up better and be easier to clean when paint drips. 

Before getting the new floor we decided to get rid of the pool table that used to fill much of the open space shown in the top photograph. I've been wanted to teach some classes but despite having the entire basement primarily dedicated to my studio, the pool table filled the space where I can now setup tables. Once I finish defining my class syllabus I should be in business.  

As you can see in the second photograph my painting table is next to a set of arcadia doors, so I get natural light. That natural light is augmented by LED lighting above and behind my painting table that is rate the same degrees kelvin as sunlight. The extra lighting helps out on cloudy days. I have a nice tilting table where I paint plus a side cart where the paint, pallette, variety of brushes, spray bottle with water, and rinsing water sit. Behind me (on the left side of this picture) is my desk and computer where I play music while I paint.

Area to Display Finished Painting
When I'm sitting at my painting table and looking straight ahead there is a sitting area with some of my paintings on display. This will work well when I hold an open studio.

My painting table sits in the corner of an L-shaped room. Looking to my right at the far end of the long side of the L-shape is a painting storage area, in the rack on the right.

Painting Storage Area
There is an additional painting storage area under the stairwell that comes from the main floor of our home down to the basement.  My husband installed some lights under the stair well that are triggered by motion detectors. This allows me to easily locate painting in this space. Before installing these lights the overhead lights were blocked by the stairs.  I had to carry a flash light to try to read the painting labels when searching for a painting.

I can display additional paintings along the walls and in a book shelf that is perfect for some small paintings and for paint storage.

Storage Under Stairwell

Storage and Display for Small Paintings
More Display Areas

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Copyright April M Rimpo 2016 All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.


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