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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Contemporary Landscapes Solo Exhibit

Opening Reception of April's solo exhibit, Contemporary Landscapes
Having an solo art exhibit is always a great experience, but when the exhibit is held at such a beautiful venue as the Columbia Art Center in the Long Reach Village Center in Columbia, Maryland the exhibit is elevated to another level. Everyone who attended the reception who had never been to the Art Center before commented on this beautiful venue. 

When the venue is this wonderful it allows the artwork to really sing. The comments and questions I received about my art told me my goal to transport people into the scenes and make them feel like they were there was working. Many of the paintings are gallery wrapped*, where the painting continues around the edge and it is presented without a frame. To quote a friend of mine, this approach "makes the paintings feel more like a part of the room than a part of the wall." I think this allows you to experience the art more intimately, which is why I love this presentation style.

Traffic Jam was sold during the Opening Reception
Three days after the Opening Reception, the Art Center held an event with Stephen Acker, former Senior Music Program Advisor for the National Gallery of Art, who spoke about the art of Modigliani and the music of Ravel. This program was a partnership between the Columbia Art Center and the Candlelight Concert Society, who are sponsoring a concert with the Modigliani Quartet on November 20th at the Smith Theatre, Horowitz Center. The quartet will be performing pieces by Mozart, Brahms, and Ravel. If you want to learn more about this concert or buy tickets go to the Candlelight Concert Society's website.

A second reception was held after the Revealing Ravel and Modigliani program, where the audience was able to not only interact with Stephen Acker, but also talk to me about my artwork. Many thanks to the Columbia Art Center for this great opportunity to hear this program and to meet these music and art lovers.

Here are a couple more images taken after installation so you can see a little more of the artwork. To see the whole exhibit, visit the Columbia Art Center. Contemporary Landscapes is on display through December 4th. Hours, address and directions can be found here. 

*Gallery wrapped paper
Since I work on watercolor paper and wrap it around stretcher bars, the artists in the crowd were full of questions about my process as well.  Once gallery wrapped I varnished the pieces to protect the paper from the elements.

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Copyright April M Rimpo 2016 All Rights Reserved. You may share my work with attribution and a link to this source site, but all other uses are prohibited.

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  1. April your art looks AMAZING together like this :) Congratulaions on having a solo show, and on the sale! Beautiful!!


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