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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Collaboration with Musicians: Part II Gerald Richard Ingley

Part II  of April M Rimpo and Elaine Weiner-Reed's 
Collaboration with Musicians on May 22.

I know I keep saying this, but I am so grateful to Elaine Weiner-Reed for suggesting we continue her "Every Painting is a Song" initiative as part of our two-person exhibition, "Portraits of Life: The Art of Storytelling" at Bernice Kish Gallery in Slayton House. Having musicians improvise pieces to our work, create structured improvisations by a trio of classical musicians, or write lyrics and song was a mind blowing experience. 

Gerald (Jerry) Richard Ingley brought me to tears with his lyrics for Ruby and Bernie to my painting Venus & Mars. I didn't expect him to have time to also write the music, but he did do just that. I got to cry all over again when he sent us a recording of the song along with his thoughts on the piece.

Venus & Mars © April M Rimpo
Venus and Mars © April M Rimpo


Ruby and Bernie  Gerald Richard Ingley © 2019 Music, Lyrics and Vocals

About my painting Jerry said, "I used a personal experience as a basis for the lyrics after I'd studied the four people, the old guy with the ball cap and sandals standing near to but slightly apart from the woman with … a sweater … tied around her waist. The personal experience is evident in the lyrics, but the outcome of the real experience is … different from the storyline in the lyrics.”

Ruby and Bernie    Gerald Richard Ingley © 2019 Music and Lyrics

            Ruby and Bernie they’d not known each other ‘til the day that Fate played its hand,

Gentile and Jew they were soon to discover a future they’d not understand.


Bernie played saxophone Ruby just danced and she’d smile and she’d laugh and she’d sway,

And when their eyes met they were instantly lovers but never to go all the way.


You see, night after night they would weep in the shadows of the Temple Beth-El’s mighty stone

Gentile and Jew they held tight to each other, knowing they’d have to leave it alone.


So prayers left unanswered and hearts left broken, they parted and traveled so far

Ruby was married, had three lovely children and Bernie was swept off to war.


(brief instrumental riff)


Fifty years later their spouses had passed and they came back to where they’d grown

With parents now memories, their children on their ways leaving Ruby and Bernie alone.


Then on a warm summer Sunday our Ruby stood waiting on the corner of Second and Dell

When a bearded old fellow in a ball cap and sandals asked “Does this bus stop at Beth El?”


Ruby turned slowly and nervously spoke in a whisper “oh, can it be true?”

“I once fell in love with a saxophone player, please God, tell me, Bernie, it’s you.”


(brief instrumental riff)


So the story goes on and they live there together still in love with each other all the while,

You see once in a blue moon when the stars all align, the Gods that we pray to still smile.

For me Jerry's lyrics added depth to my painting that I makes me love the painting more than I already did.  Learning what others think when they see one of my paintings make the painting for me.  Everyone's different perspectives are joy for me to hear. Getting to also hear how my painting sounds through Jerry's song was a amazing experience that I'll never forget. 

Chance Encounters © Elaine Weiner-Reed

Chance Encounters © Elaine Weiner-Reed

Elaine Weiner-Reed

Read about Elaine's painting and hear Gerald Richard Ingley's Song 
"I Don't Want to See You Anymore" 
on Elaine's Website.

What do you think about the music and lyrics by Gerald Richard Ingley? Please share in the comments.  

I'm sure I will continue to collaborate with writers or every kind in my future exhibitions.  If one of my paintings every inspires you to create a poem, story, play, music, sculpture or an other form of art, please share it with me. Of course, if a painting brings back memories for you I'd love to hear those too. By sharing our thoughts and creative work we make the world a bit better.

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Copyright of Elaine Weiner-Reed artwork held by © 2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) All images and content remain the property of the Artist.

Original songs by Gerald Richard Ingley (c)2019 Music and Lyrics

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