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Friday, July 19, 2019

Collaboration with Musicians - Part III Bob Jacobson

Connecting © April M Rimpo

As part of my and Elaine Weiner-Reed's exhibit, Portraits of Life: The Art of Storytelling, we put out a call for musicians and writers to collaborate with us as part of our exhibit. We provided those who responded a series of images of our paintings. They then selected which ones they would write music or poetry to. 

Bob Jacobson remembers his first time improvising, at age fifteen, to the folk tune "Billy Boy." He's been playing improvised solos to jazz, R&B, rock, blues, and Latin tunes ever since. This was his first experience creating melodies and improvisations inspired by artwork, almost totally from scratch. 

Visiting New Orleans in May of 2018, which included playing on the streets of the French Quarter with two bands of seasoned local musicians, aided him in responding to the Preservation Hall piece, Showing Off II.
Showing Off II © April M Rimpo

Below is a link to a video I created from raw video photographed by my husband, Chas. 

I'm so thankful for this experience, which would have never happened if Elaine Weiner-Reed had not started her initiative "Every Painting is a Song."

Follow this link to see the video of Bob's performances to Connecting, which he played on the Saxophone, and Showing Off II, which he played on the clarinet.

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