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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Favorite Color Scheme demonstrated in "His Dugout"

His Dugout, 32.5" X 23.5", fluid acrylic
and watercolor, by April M. Rimpo
His Dugout
acrylic & watercolor on paper
32.5" X 23.5" image
39" X 31" silver brush frame
One of my favorite color schemes is a triad that uses primarily blue and orange with smaller hints of green.
I use to preview the triad and zero-in on the shade of blue and orange that I want to use.  Often the next step in my process is to use Adobe Photoshop to vary the colors in my reference photo(s) to try out my plan.  The Photoshop version never looks quite like the final painting, but gets me close enough to know whether I want to go forward. 
His Dugout is an abstract, representational painting that shows a Guatemalan man beside his dugout.  He was getting ready to repair the dugout using a molten, tar-like substance in his wooden boat.  As I mentioned in my blog post on Basket Maker, few of the Guatemalan men wear traditional clothing, but many of them build and use these dugout boats.  I'm sure I'll paint examples of these boats in the future.

His Dugout received an Honorable Mention Award at The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society's 34th Annual International Juried Exhibition. Many thanks to Pat Dews for selecting this painting for the exhibit and to Frank Webb for granting this award.  

Click the link at right to hear me discuss this painting 

Like many of my paintings I used a combination of fluid acrylic and watercolor in His Dugout.  Only two acrylic colors were used: Da Vinci Leaf Green 945A and Da Vinci Cerulean Blue (Hue) 921A. I wanted the bright intensity I could get with acrylic for these light valued colors. The balance of the painting was done in watercolor. Below are three photos:
  1. A picture of my source photograph before I manipulated it to push it to my desired color scheme.
  2. An initial work in progress (WIP) after lying in the first blues and establishing some of the darkest values.
  3. A later WIP photo after many of the orange hues had been added.

         Established dark values and a variety of blue hues
Below are some of my other paintings in which I used a similar blue/orange triad color scheme
Taking a Break
Woman with a Wrapped Hat
The Vendor

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