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Sunday, July 8, 2012

"At One with their Gondolas", 12.5" X24.5" watercolor

At One with their Gondolas by April M. Rimpo
At One with their Gondolas
12.5" X 24.5" image
20 " X 32" framed
$700 within the United States *

There is something about the mystery of Venice that attracts me.  My family had the opportunity to explore Venice once.  It was a very overcast, people were bundled up and ready for rain, but they couldn't resist the experience of a ride in a gondola.  I had always envisioned these rides to be individual romantic rides, the Hollywood stereotype.  The cluster of gondoliers traveling down the main canal altered my perspective.  They really are taxis on the water, with charm.

I wanted to emphasize the concept of togetherness and, at the same time, capture the idea that the gondoliers essentially blend into their boats allowing their passengers to enjoy their ride without interference. In "At One with their Gondolas" I painted the gondoliers in a way that you can't tell where their bodies end and their gondolas begin. I also joined the three gondolas on the left to make them seem like one. Using light values in the gondola poles they stand out, clarifying the separate boats and providing an interesting repetition. The fourth gondolier on the right is slightly separated and holds his pole at a different angle from the others, reminding us each gondolier is truly unique.

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