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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pigeons: Evolution of a Series

Over the years I've done several paintings that included pigeons as secondary characters.  An oil painting done in the mid 1990s was my first.  It was of my son when we went to Europe; he was about 6.  He loved the pigeons at the various cathedrals.  In those days they sold corn that you could feed the pigeons and he loved it when the pigeons swarmed in to get the corn, landing on you and trying to feed from your hand.  My son was delighted.

Pigeon Keeper
My next painting with a pigeon was Pigeon Keeper, which was based on an old photo of an uncle who had a pigeon coop when he was young.  That painting was all about an interesting color design, but you can see an abstract pigeon on his shoulder.  I wrote about this painting in my Color Schemes blog post.

Pigeons in his Genes
The third was a watercolor of my son with the pigeons in Europe called Pigeon in his Genes. See post Soul of a Portrait. In all of these the pigeons were supporting cast.  I decided the pigeon deserved a painting of their own.  They may be common and considered pests by many, but they do have beautiful iridescent feathers which are fun to paint.  

In Pigeons I I used a very different technique to paint the birds and they were more abstract, looking a bit like stained glass.    There is also a Pigeons III and a study called Taking Flight.  I think I'm finished with this pigeon series for now.  Below I've include small images of each of these paintings.

Pigeons I
"Pigeons I"
8" X 22.5" image
14" X 28" brushed silver frame

Contact April regarding purchase

Taking Flight 

"Taking Flight"
14.5" X 10" image
20.5" X 16.5" brushed silver frame

Pigeons III

"Pigeons III"
18" X 22.5" image
24" X 30" brushed silver frame

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  1. The pigeons are wonderful! I never knew pigeons were so beautiful! You have portrayed them in a lovely, unique way! What a great series!

    1. Thank you, Katherine. A wonderful Wild Life artist I know, Sandra Blair, had told me she liked this painting "very much". Well that told me I had something special. I'm glad to hear you liked it too.


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