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Monday, March 23, 2015

"Fresh Fruit to Go" 21" X 14" watercolor

Fresh Fruit to Go by April M Rimpo
My husband and I generally travel to New York City a couple times per year. Unfortunately that was not the case in 2014, but this painting from a photograph I took in 2013 allowed me to to travel there through my memories. 

As we walk around NYC I snap pictures frequently.  I remember that as we were crossing the street I saw this fruit stand on the other side of the road and decided to get my camera ready.  When the crowd parted I snapped a couple pictures.  I'm not sure if my husband was even aware I took some photos because I paused only momentarily then caught up quickly.  

We have frequently bought fruit from these street side vendors while in NYC.  The fruit is always great.  Recently I met another artist who lives in NYC and she commented on all the wonderful farmers markets in the city and how she can buy whatever she wants and the produce is always super fresh and delicious.  As she described the markets I remembered seeing a farmers market by Union Station, but we hadn't stopped.  Staying in a hotel is not conducive to cooking and the small fruit stand vendors had met our needs. Not coming from a huge city I had never realized what great produce came to the city to supply the millions who live there.  Next trip I'll have to check out the market, if nothing else to take photos for a future painting.  

Fresh Fruit to Go
21" X 14" image
28" X 21" brushed silver frame

The painting exhibited in June 2015 in the Illinois Watercolor National Exhibit and May 2017 in Louisiana Watercolor Socieity's International Exhibition

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