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Monday, March 2, 2015

"Spring by the River" a 24" X 36" fluid acrylic

Spring by the River by April M Rimpo
Spring by the River
24" X 36"
Fluid Acrylic on Paper
Mounted on 2" Deep-cradled, Wood Panel  
Original SOLD

12" X 18" giclee print on watercolor paper - coming soon

Most years the Azaleas are in full bloom by Mother's Day in Maryland. I know that is two months from now, but I am ready. The Azaleas stand proud in my new painting Spring by the River. The white Azaleas are shaded with pale pastel shades of blue, violet, and pink, while the red blossoms vary from orange to hot pink and magenta. I have a bit of a weakness for the white blooms with pink centers.

A fellow artist in our area has a show opening this weekend and I know she has paintings that include scenes from a local Azalea garden. We have not had an awful lot of snow this year, probably a little less than normal, but the cold has everyone I know extremely ready for winter to end. Well I do know a few friends who wish they lived in Maine, you know who you are, and are probably walking around in the 0 - 20 degree Fahrenheit days without a jacket.  

I have Spring fever, as you have noticed in my last several blog posts, so enjoy Spring through my paintings until it finally finds it way to our doorsteps.


  1. I have spring fever too (although it hasn't arrived here yet)!
    It is great you are celebrating it already with such lovely paintwork.

    1. The Spring paintings make me feel better, as long as I don't look outside while paintings. It helps that one of the galleries I have art in also asked if I had some Spring paintings. I think the owner is ready for winter to be over too.

  2. We usually don;t have much of a winter here in So. Cal. So I am trying to enjoy it. But I am tired of my feet being cold! Beautiful work April :)

    1. I've noticed even our friends back in AZ have had cooler weather than their normal winter. I'm glad you like the painting.

  3. Great piece to liven up a grey dreary day, April! Happy (almost) spring!


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