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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cycles, a 16" X 26" fluid acrylic

Cycles by April M Rimpo
Cycles is part of my Transportation Series but also fits well with my urban paintings.  There is something about the combination of organic, curved shapes with line that fascinates me.  Perhaps that is why I enjoy painting urban, man-made objects. We humans seems to incorporate geometric shapes in the things we manufacture.  Not quite so true of all handmade objects, but even in many of those (e.g., pottery, glass pieces) we tend to make them in oval or spherical shapes. I'll leave exploring the whys of this phenomenon to another time.

This painting not only explores contrasting shapes (lines and curves) but also complementary colors (warm oranges and cool blues). Even my painting process was a combination of opposites. Starting with the pouring process I discussed in my blog Cycles - A work in progress, and the very detailed work I used during the later part of the painting to define the lines and shapes of the motorcycles. 

The reflections of the colors from the environment off the chrome on the motorcycles was great fun, especially since I had decided to use bright colors in the background and cooler lavenders and blues in many of the shadows. The repeated push and pull of warm and cool colors exists throughout the painting.

I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Fluid Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped* and Varnished Paper
16" X 26" image (21" X 31" including the wrapped edges)


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