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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ISEA 1st Annual Members Virtual Exhibit

Inspiration by April M Rimpo
Last year I joined the International Society of Experimental Artists, entered and was accepted into their 23rd International Experimental Artists Exhibition. At that time I had just started pouring fluid acrylic and my painting Moving Up had been the result of my first poured painting. 

While doing that and other poured paintings I noticed that the painting started out as a very interesting abstract and gradually built to the image I wanted to portray.

This year, during the 30 Paintings in 30 days Challenge, I decided to create  some non-objective paintings as the starting point for a series of yoga poses that I planned to paint.  I used large sheets (40 X 50") when doing the pours so I could have a lot of variety to chose from when I later cut these sheets apart to make 8 X 8" wrapped "canvases" for the sections of the yoga poses.  My goal during the pouring was just to make some interest patterns and color combinations. I had not yet drawn the poses, so there was no masking intended to preserve areas for the final paintings.

After the backgrounds were done and I had drawn the poses, I selected sections of the non-objective, poured sheets that I thought I could use for the yoga poses.  When selecting the 8"X8" sections I looked for lighter areas that could be formed into the person and textures that would help accentuate the pose.  The next step was to draw the post across the segments and then add paint to help emphasize the human shape while still leaving each abstract segment as abstract as possible.  Until the four segments of "Inspiration", shown at left, were put together, it was difficult to see the figure. Even assembled it takes some looking to find her form in the painting.

Being quite happy with my result I decided to enter this pose (there are a total of six poses made up of 21 8" X 8" panels) into the ISEA Member Virtual Exhibition. I was so happy is was accepted into the exhibit. 

To see all the other experimental paintings by going to the ISEA website. I think the work is quite fascinating in this exhibit.  Do take some time to read the descriptions provided by each artist explaining why the piece was experimental for them, since being experimental is a personal experience.  I am so glad their is a group like this that honors each artist's personal experimentation. Two of my artist friends also have work in this virtual exhibit.  Please be sure to check out the paintings by Sue Marrazzo and Marilyn LeMay Patterson.  Sue Marrazzo also has a blog, so if you want to see more of her artwork check that out here.


  1. LOVE your post and work! Thanks for your support, too!
    You are the BEST, April = )

    1. Thank you, Sue. It's always important to spread the word of other artists that my readers should be aware of.

  2. Yay! They were excellent pieces and I am very pleased for you that your work was accepted - well done.

    Off to have a browse at the ISEA website now...

    1. Enjoy the ISEA Member exhibit, Rolina. I found it fascinating to look at all the work.

  3. Interesting things going on... thanks for sharing the link April, and Congratulations to you :)


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