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Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Lambs", a 4" X 4' fluid acrylic mounted on a deep cradle wood panel

Lambs by April M Rimpo

4" X 4" fluid acrylic
mounted on 2" deep cradled, wood panel
that was stained in pecan
Although our only resident animal is a dear kitty, Dusty, we live in an area were small and large animals abound.  The domesticated farm animals include: lambs, goats, chickens, Guinea hen, cattle, and horse. Our wild animal visitors include: brown fox, raccoons, deer, ground hogs, and an occasional opossum. So when I want to paint an animal it is like one will either wander by our home or I can just walk to a neighbors to get some photographs.  These cute lambs live about a mile from our home.

When I did my Spring by the River painting I intentionally had an extra 6 inches of paper on one end, so as I painted some nice unplanned tints and textures formed on in this margin.  I particularly liked this piece that had pale pinks and grays and decided it would make a nice backdrop for the lambs. 

This small 4" X 4" painting on watercolor paper was mounted on a 2" deep cradled, wood panel becoming one of my "stackable" pieces perfect for Easter, a child's bedroom, a play area, or any little nook or cranny that needs a spot of color.  I varnished the paper after painting to provide UV protection form the sun and to protect that paper from the elements.


  1. Thanks for replying on my comment to your last post. I see you are always planning ahead and always coming up with new ideas...this little painting is adorable!

    1. Fun to do these little paintings in between the bigger more complex paintings. It's a nice shift while I work out the next big one. Thanks for being such a good friends and always providing feedback. I appreciate it.

  2. Aw, I love lambs! A nice reminder that spring really is not far away!

    1. We have finally gotten out of the arctic chill. I hope the last 10" of snow we got a week ago was the last of the season. Temperatures are back in the 50 F for highs, closer to normal for March. I noticed the trees are starting leaf buds so they are ready for Spring too.


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